A Bit Of a Fixer-Upper Spider-Man PS4

If you’re looking for details about A Bit of a Fixer-Upper Spider-Man for PS4, you’ve come to the right spot. To get the “A Bit Of a Fixer Upper” trophy in the Marvel Spider-Man game, you must first visit Octavius’s Lab. There will be a number of puzzles that you must solve.

You will find this Lab right after talking to Octavius, but if you don’t complete the puzzles completely, you won’t be able to unlock the trophy.

A Bit Of a Fixer Upper Spider Man PS4

A Bit Of a Fixer-Upper Spider-Man Without Puzzles

  • There is a second method to get the prize and skip all the puzzles.
  • Before using the settings, the game must first be paused.
  • After picking the Accessibility option and locating it, you must skip the riddles.
  • Use an R1 to manually skip each problem in the lists after choosing “on.”
  • Trophies can only be unlocked when all rosters have been unlocked.

Complete all Optional Projects in the Lab

You may go to the options and choose to skip the puzzles because attempting to accomplish them all on your own will be exceedingly challenging, time-consuming, and impossible. I must do it.

Material Candidate Test X23

Material Candidate Test B62

Material Candidate Test V13

Material Candidate Test C06

Material Candidate Test V77

Material Candidate Test S12

Material Candidate Test R80

Material Candidate Test X09

Material Candidate Test P12

Actuator Precision

Minimal Grip Force

Spatial Mapping

Balance Compensation

Power Efficiency

Micro cable Calibration

Machine Learning Subsystem

Stage 1 Intracranial Interface

Stage 2 Intracranial Interface

Precision Targeting

Spectrograph Puzzles

  1. L37
  2. X23
  3. B62
  4. V13
  5. C06
  6. V77
  7. S12
  8. R80
  9. X09
  10. P12

Where are the Spectrograph Puzzles located in Lab?

As you go inside the lab, the microscope is on the table on your far left. There, you could find spectrograph puzzles. If you want to do the tasks independently, we’ve provided a video that, after watching, will make it simple for you to do so.

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