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If you’ve come here to find out about A Bit Of a Fixer Upper Spider-Man PS4, you’ve come to the right Place.

If you are reading this post then it means that you are very fond of the Spider-Man game we will tell you about the Spider-Man game here.

To unlock the A Bit Of a Fixer Upper trophy in the Marvel Spider-Man game, you must first visit Octavius’s Lab. In this lab, you will get many puzzles you have to complete all these puzzles.

A Bit Of a Fixer Upper Spider Man PS4

You will find this Lab right after talking to Octavius, but if you don’t complete the puzzles completely, you won’t be able to unlock the trophy.

A Bit Of a Fixer-Upper Spider-Man Without Puzzles

  • There is another method by which you can skip all the puzzles and get the trophy.
  • First of all, you have to pause the game and then go to settings.
  • Then after going to the Accessibility menu, you will see Skip Puzzles there, you have to skip it.
  • After switching to “on” then manually skip each puzzle in the lists with cn_R1.
  • You can unlock trophies only after the full rosters are unlocked.

Complete all Optional Projects in the Lab

If you decide to solve all the puzzles by yourself, it will be very difficult, one of them will take a lot of time and you won’t complete it, so you can go to the settings and skip the puzzles. Have to do it.

Where is Otto’s lab Spider-Man PS4?

Octavius Industries’ lab is located atop a large building in Greenwich, New York City.

Where is the Spectrograph Puzzles located in Lab?

When you enter the Lab you will see the microscope on the far left table. Go there and you will find Spectrograph Puzzles. If you want to solve the puzzles by yourself, here we give you a video, after watching this video you can completely solve your puzzles easily.

How much is a PS4 Spider-Man worth?

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2018 PS4 *Spiderman*$10.00
2022-07-13Marvel’s Spider-Man 2018$14.50
2022-07-13Marvel’s Spider-Man 2018$6.90
2022-07-12Sony PS4 PlayStation 4 Marvel Spider-Man $9.95

How to Get a bit of a Fixer-Upper Trophy

You must first solve the puzzles in the lab to get a bit of a Fixer Upper Trophy.

How many optional projects are in a lab?

After visiting the lab, there are 20 projects in total. They will be unlocked as you progress through the story.

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