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Are Galaxy Buds Compatible With PS4?

If you want to know how to pair Galaxy Buds with PS4, then you’ve come to the right place. Galaxy Buds are wireless and difficult to pair with PS4, so here are the details on how to pair them.

You will find many methods on the internet that you can use to pair Galaxy Buds with PS4, but the best method that I have seen on the internet is here. So it will be convenient that you will not have to go to a different website, the method that will be told to you here will be the easiest method.

Are Galaxy Buds Compatible With PS4?

Are Galaxy Buds Compatible With PS4?

You may know that connecting wired headphones with the PS4 is very easy, but if you have wireless buds, you’ll have a hard time. Some Bluetooth devices that connect easily to the PS4 can be picked up from your local store. If you just want to connect the galaxy bus with ps4 then let us tell you about this method.

What is a Wireless Bluetooth Transmitter?

Using a Bluetooth transmitter, you can connect the earbuds to anything that doesn’t have Bluetooth.

Pair Galaxy Buds to PS4

  • If you want to connect Samsung buds with ps4 then you need a dongle that connects Bluetooth with ps4 you can buy any good dongle from the market.
  • I have already bought a great Bluetooth Dongle and you have to plug it into the PS4.
  • You have to connect the dongle to the PS4 with the extension cables.
  • You have to press and hold the pairing button of the dongle for two seconds, then your dongle will go into pairing mode.
Are Galaxy Buds Compatible With PS4?
  • After installation, if your dongle is flashing then it means your dongle is done. It also means that your dongle has gone into pairing mode.
  • You have to take out your Galaxy Buds and turn them on.
  • If you press the button above it, it will turn on.
  • After some time both the devices will automatically pair themselves. The flashing light on your dongle has stopped flashing, which means that both your devices are connected.

Customize PS4 Audio Settings

  • Open PS4
  • Open the PS4 Settings
Are Galaxy Buds Compatible With PS4?
  • At the bottom of the screen, you will see an option called Navigation Device.
Are Galaxy Buds Compatible With PS4?
  • Then you have to go to the audio setting there you have to verify the USB headset.
Are Galaxy Buds Compatible With PS4?
  • By doing this your Galaxy Buds are connected with PS4 and you can use them.
Are Galaxy Buds Compatible With PS4?

How Do I Connect My Galaxy Buds To My Playstation 5?

Just like you connect your Galaxy Buds to Play Station 4, you can also connect them to your PS5.

Why Does PlayStation Not Support Galaxy Buds?

You will be able to connect the GalaxyBuds to your PlayStation when you have the adapter, without the adapter you can’t connect.
Because the devices that come with Play Station 4 are wired, it doesn’t have a wireless system.

Does Ps4 Support Bluetooth Headset?

Yes, you can connect the headset to your PlayStation 4 without any problems. If your headset is Bluetooth enabled, it will need an adapter to connect.

Last Word:

I think you can connect the Wireless Buds to the PS4 using the method I told you above, I also use the same method to connect the Buds to the PS4. I have told you step by step and with pictures how you can connect the Buds by going to the PS4 settings.

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