Best 10 Strategy Games for PS5 and PS4

It is difficult to pick just one game from the PlayStation’s extensive catalog of video games. When the PS5 has introduced a year and a half ago, this library expanded even further.

The PS4 games are the best of all those accessible on the PS5. More people play strategy games than console games. This is due to the availability of console games, yet keyboard and mouse use is still more common among gamers.

These days, strategy games are at the top of the list. So, we’ll talk about the top strategy games on the PlayStation 5 in this post. Let’s get started. If you have any issues with PS5 strategy games or are having trouble selecting one, we can help.

Sub Genres of Strategy Games

In the PS5 strategy game, the player must be able to judge situations and make wise decisions. You need to be busy taking care of your troops, managing your company, and other things.

However, strategy games cover all those points below, especially these.

  • Real-Time Strategy

When using the Real-Time approach, you gather resources as they are handled, use them to create a town, train your army there, and then dispatch the army into battle.

  • Real-Time Action Strategy

This is a sophisticated adventure game. We deal with enemies strategically, It contains RPG elements.

  • Grand Strategy

They are of great importance in which political economic and diplomatic decisions are made.

  • Board Strategy

This game has simple rules and is played across the board. What we can say is that this game consists of simple and straightforward rules in which players engage with mechanics that are medium to low in size.

  • Team Strategy

It consists of two players with defensive skills and an attacker.

  • Turn-Based Board Games

In the Turn-Based Board game, you command a campaign around the world. In it you can perform actions like commanding an army, searching, and making structures.

  • Abstract Strategy

Such a game requires you to make a decision before your enemy succeeds. You have to make a choice first. And one has to think ahead of one’s opponent, just like in a game of chess.

  • Card Games

In the card game, you have to make a card deck.

  • Rogue-Like Strategy

It requires you to understand the mechanics fully or else you will have to start all over again if you lose.

  • Simulation

In this game, you have to evaluate real-world situations. After reviewing you have to face the situation and suffer the consequences.

It Best Strategy Game for PS5

The best strategy games for PS5 are given below.

Slay the Spire

The Slay the Spire game is a deck building game designed around Rogue-lite. This game is developed by American studio MegaCrit. While Humble is the bundle publisher. The game was first released in 2017 for early access on Microsoft Windows, Mac OS and Linux. It was then officially released in January 2019. It was first available for PS4 in May 2019.

In this Slay the Spire game the player has four characters out of which only one player has to choose. In this game you have to cross the levels while fighting your enemies. For combat, the player has cards which he uses to fight his enemy and in exchange for his reward, he gets new cards.

If the player dies while fighting, all his cards are lost and the game has to be replayed to get new cards.

In this game the player needs to use the strategies of deck building deck building games to build a deck to climb.

Killing Spire in the game is not easy but not impossible either. Getting to his tower requires mastering the combat system and taking advantage of your deck. Collecting cards requires luck in the game.

Slay the Spire has earned a good reputation. In 2019, the game has been nominated for several accolades

Developer: MegaCrit
Publisher: Humble Bundle
Platform: PlayStation 5
Genre: Rogue-like Strategy
Mode: Single-player

This is a complicated and challenging war game, to win this game you have to be a master of the war if you are not so you will lose all your cards.

60 global ratings

5 star  65%
4 star  17%
3 star  6%
2 star  9%
1 star  3%


Developer: 11-bit studios
Publisher: 11-bit studios
Platform: PlayStation 4
Genre: Survival, Stimulation
Mode: Single-player

The goal in this game is to build a city and explore new territories. In the game, you play the role of a leader in an alternate history of the late 19th century. The character in the game is called “Captain”.

The game involves building a city, managing resources and making choices about how to survive during a worldwide volcanic winter. The beginning of the game features many scenarios, each with its own story and different changes.

In this you start with a small group of children, workers and engineers. who later build a city in time in which they harvest coal, steel and wood.

Here the survival of the city seems to revolve around a coal because the city is heated by coal. Your citizens can then approve or disapprove of your actions. Which can force you to do Qiyaat.

The game was first released for Microsoft Windows in April 2018 but was later launched for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in October 2019. In February 2021, this Mac OS became available for it as well.

The popularity of this game has also been high. Because the game sold more than 3 million copies in three years after its release.

98 global ratings

5 star  74%
4 star  15%
3 star  5%
2 star  3%
1 star  3%

Cities: Skyline

Developer: Colossal Order

Publisher: Paradox Interactive

Platform: PlayStation 4

Genre: Stimulation

Mode: Single Player

Colossal Order created and released Play the Spire Game under the umbrella of Paradox Interactives. Its platform is the PlayStation 4, and as its strategy is a simulation, a single-player is an option. It is an experiential building with no connection to the creation of the skyline. You are also in charge of your finances, health, education, and other aspects of the game. You need to take action right away if none of these are available. However you see developing your city, you first construct a modest community before modernizing it.

70 global ratings

5 star  54%
4 star  24%
3 star  13%
2 star  6%
1 star  4%

Tropico 6

Perform the Spire Game is created by Limbic Entertainment and Kalypso Media. PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 serve as their platforms. The strategy is a simulation; hence, it offers both single-player and multiplayer options. The hardest game on the list is a simulation game that you can play. This conflict has four tiers: the World War, the Cold War, the contemporary era, and the colonial era. Create the island’s construction using a variety of techniques and add roadways. The lives of the islanders are impacted by your performance and leadership.

Evil Genius 2: World Domination

Perform the Spire The publisher and developer of the game are both Rebellion Development 4 platforms. You must be technically and financially proficient since the goal of this game is to help you rule the planet. Despite the Justice League trying to stop them or otherwise intervene, players will still complete their doomsday device tasks in various locations throughout the globe.

Final Thoughts

At this time, strategy games in the game provide a variety of experiences. In it, you build your own army, gather houses in different cities, and make your way through new campaigns. Which reveals your strategic powers. You will find yourself in different places.

If you’re looking to try a new strategy game, here’s a list of all these strategy games for PS5 from which you can choose. There is a short list of strategy games bec