How Do You Block or Unblock Someone on PS4

On the PS4, multiplayer games are played with other people, and many people become your friends; some of them send you more spam SMS, while others act rudely, making you angry. He isn’t in the mood to speak. The option to block and unblock anyone has been retained in PS4.

You also require them because it is a must-see that requires blocking someone. If someone keeps sending you messages that are harmful to your health, you must block them.

It also functions in the same way that we or you can block someone in WhatsApp. Blocker sends us an SMS, but we do not receive it. Today I will explain in detail how to block and unblock someone from your PS4 account. Its method is straightforward.

How to Block or unblock someone on PS4 4

How to Block Someone on PS4?

To begin, remember that if you want to block someone, they must first be added to your friend list. You can block his profile from your account if he is in your friend list. The complete method for blocking him is provided below, as is the method for blocking any friend.

The first thing you need to do is to click on your friend list option from your PlayStation 4.

Now you have to click on the friend request option.

You choose your friend like you want to bulk.

You have to click on the option with three dots.

Now you will see a block is written below it, by clicking on it you can block your friend.

This time asking you for permission to bulk friend you have to bulk click it.

Your friend is now completely blocked from your PSN account.

This way you can add anyone to your friend list and block them from your PSN account. This option is best placed by the PS4.

How to Unblock Someone on PS4?

Where we can block someone on our Playstation, we can also unblock anyone, when our goal is over, we want to unblock the person who was blocked from our friend list. The complete method is also given below.

Click on the friend request option to unblock your friend.

Then select Bulk Friend by pressing the navigation button on your controller.

Now the list of your blocked friend is presented in front of you from which you have to select the friend you want to unblock.

After selecting the friend, your friend’s profile will appear in front of you, here you have to click unblock and unblock it.

After that, you can SMS your friend again and play your game with him.

Now you can block and unblock friends in all this way. This option is a great option in PS4 and everyone gets this feature.


This article tells you how to block and unblock someone from your PSN account. It is a good option for you in which you get this facility. If you block someone, you can then unblock them and message your friend, which again gives you convenience. Surely you will know how to block and unblock someone from this article.