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If you have come to know can a brand new stolen ps4 be tracked then you have come to the right place we will tell you the details about it. If you skip a single thing, you won’t know the whole thing.

I read a lot of articles about this on the internet and after watching the video I will tell you what I came to here below. There is no need for you to read all the articles on the internet and the information you get will be better than all the articles.

Digital Gaming has also made its place in your life. If people become addicted to gaming, they don’t feel good without playing games. Now people are making their career in gaming too and people earn so much money through gaming that normal job doesn’t make that much money.

Similarly, if someone plays a game on PS4 and suddenly his PS4 goes missing, we know how much of a problem you will have. I also lost my PS4 somewhere but after I tried some method you found the PS4. Here we will talk about the method I used to find my PS4.

Can a Brand New Stolen PS4 be Tracked

Can PlayStation Track a stolen PS4?

Yes, it is very easy to track a PS4, so if you find someone’s PS4, return it or report it to the nearest police station. If you steal a ps4 don’t keep it with you it will be dangerous for you sell it as soon as possible my advice is that you should return the money to where you stole it from.

Don’t worry if your PS4 is stolen, you can track your PS4 to see where it is and which internet it is connected to. You don’t have to waste your money, you can get your PS again for free.

First of all, you should check that your PS and your family members have not kept it anywhere.

How to Track Stolen PS4

You can easily track Sony PS4 for this you need MAC address of your PS4 if you have PS4 box then you can see MAC address. You don’t have to go to the Sony website and from there you have to contact the customer support you have to contact the police officer in charge of the case with Sony. Then Sony will login your account with your address. Now sleep is able to track your PS phone.

This process may seem very difficult to you but I will tell you step by step how you can contact the police and contact the gold and what you have to ask them.

Contact the Police and File a Report

First of all, you need to contact your nearest police station so that the police will be able to enter your home after finding the play station for you and get that police station for you to submit your application. The officer in charge will give you an incident number.

This number is important because you will need to provide your case number when you contact Sony.

Get Your PS MAC Address From Your Router

One more thing you will need to do is to know the MAC address of the station so I will tell you how you can look up the MAC address. First of all check the box of your playstation maybe you can find the MAC address there otherwise we will tell you a setting from which you can look inside.

  • First you go to the main menu of the play station.
  • After that scroll down after scrolling you will see system below you have gone to system information.
  • Here you will see the address of both your Wi-Fi and LAN, you have to note these addresses.

Contact Sony’s Customer Support

After getting the Mac address you have to contact Sony customer support. Sony will first obtain your police report key details and then attempt to locate your PS4. After that, your waiting period begins as you wait to see where your PS4 is located.

Contact the Officer Handling Your Case

You should then contact the officer handling your case and tell him the full details of what you have discussed with Sony. Ask the officer to give the case number and contact Sony himself.#

How Sony Tracks Based On IP Address

  • Sony can track the location of any PlayStation using its IP address
    If someone tries to login to the PlayStation, they see the IP.
  • Sony will forward the recovered data to your case officer who will go to the judge to obtain a warrant and seize your console.

Police Retrieval and Returning the PlayStation

After the permission of the judge, the police will be able to arrest the offender, they will go to the offender’s house, gain control and then arrest him. You will then have to wait for a few weeks when this process is completed and then the application will be returned to you.

How to Find a lost PS4

Then you can play your favorite game in your PlayStation.

How to Check if a PS5 is Stolen

You can check PS5 if your stolen PS5 is logged into an IP address. All his data goes to the company whose PS5 is addressed in that data. You can check where your PS5 is when it becomes available by contacting the company.

Can You Track down a Stolen Playstation 4

Yes, you can track your stolen PlayStation to get complete information about its whereabouts

Can you Track a PS5

Yes you can track ps5 just like you can track ps4 same way you can track ps5 I have given you details above.

How to track ps5 if stolen

If your PS5 is stolen, to track it you first need to go to the police station and also contact your company to track your PS5 and give you its address.

How to Get your Stolen PSN Account Back

If you want to get your PSN account back, you need to go to the DoNotPay website and type three to get your account back.

How to Find PS5 IP Addres

We can’t track ps5 by ourselves using any app that is on the internet, it’s only company’s option, so you can track your device from company using your IP.

How to Find your PS4 console ID

If you look at the back side of your PS, you will see something in the text, below you will find all the information about the system and your ID.

what happens when you get reported on playstation

how to find ps4 serial number online

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