Can You use Hotspot for PS4?

After entering your password and connecting your Playstation 4 to the hotspot, you’re ready to go. Your PS4 is now linked to the hotspot and will play PS games via the mobile data connection. However, we must point out that the Playstation consumes a lot of data, so if you have a plan with a data cap, it may quickly exhaust your allotment.

How to Set up a Mobile Hotspot on your Android Phone?

  • Access the mobile data.
  • For two to three seconds, tap the Mobile wifi option from the dropdown menu.
  • Close the new window from “Off” to “On.”
  • You’ll find the opportunity to modify your name and password immediately below the closing switch.

Now set up your PS4 to connect to the hotspot.

After following these steps, your hotspot is ready to use.

  1. Turn on your PS4 console and go to settings> Network.
PS4 console and go to settings> Network.
  1. Select Set up an internet connection and choose Use Wi-Fi.
  2. Next, choose Easy. Your PS will now scan for nearby wireless connections and mobile hotspots.
  3. From the list select the name of your wireless and enter the password. It should inform both your Playstaion 4 and your phone if the connection is effective.
    That’s all you need to do to connect your station 4 to a mobile wireless network. Now you can log in to your PlayStation account and play your chosen games. When operating on a wifi make sure your phone distance to the console should not exceed 10 meters (30 feet) to avoid any disruptions.

How Much Data Does the Hotspot use for PS4?

The PS4 consumes between 30 to 250 MB of data each hour, but downloading and upgrading games needs a lot more; the average PS4 download is around 13.08 GB. Games with a large scope don’t need a lot of data, but game updates do.

Final Thoughts

The PS4, like any other WiFi-supported device, will need an internet connection for you to get the most out of its features.
Hopefully, this guide can help you connect your PS4 to a mobile data network. So, if you’re away from home or your home WiFi connection is temporarily down, make sure to check this guide on how to play your games without a WiFi connection.