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Difference Between Original and Fake PS4 Controller

There are so many fake PS4 controllers on the market these days that it’s difficult to tell them apart. When a brand’s product enters the market, there is a fake copy of it as well. Many people cannot even recognize this fake controller. Many of these controllers are now available on E-Commerce Store. The price is charged to the original controller but given to a copy controller in its place. This article will teach you how to tell the difference between a genuine and a fake controller.

How to Spot a Fake PS4 Controller

Fake PS4 controllers are recognized in a variety of ways, including with the controller’s performance, we were able to differentiate between real and fake.

Battery performance:

The battery life of a fake Playsation 4 controller is significantly less than that of an original PS4 controller. The battery life of a genuine controller is approximately 8 to 10 hours, but if your controller has less battery backup than this, it indicates that the controller is fake.

Logo Watermark

The logo on the real controller is clearly visible, but there is no logo on the copy controller, and if there is one, it is not well visible, as shown in the image below. To identify your controller, carefully review the logo watermark.

PS Button

The PS button on the controller clearly shows whether it is real or fake. If its PS button remains in place after extended use, it’s a genuine controller; if it moves out of place after extensive use, it’s clearly a fake. The PS button on the simulated controller becomes stuck from time to time.

L1 and R1 Button

When playing games with a controller, the R1 and L1 buttons are frequently used. If these two buttons work properly, it is obvious that it is a real controller; however, if the buttons do not work properly, they are somehow stuck, preventing the game from playing. When the difficulty arises, you will realize that your control is bogus. The L1 and R1 buttons indicate whether the controller is real or fake.

Spelling Mistakes

In a fake controller, you may also see spelling mistakes because an original controller is made by Sony but if you find the spelling of Sony as “SNY” then you will understand that it is a good PS4. A copy has been prepared. A good gamer can differentiate between original and fake ps4 controllers.

Light Blinking Speed

We can also use the light to identify a fake PS4 controller. A fake controller has a faster light blanking speed than a normal light blanking. The light on the original controller blinks very easily.

Controller Packaging

With the help of the packaging of the controller, we can clarify whether the controller is real or fake. When it comes to the color of its packaging, the packaging color of both controllers is slightly different. The color of the real pack is light blue while the color of the packaging of the simulated controller is dark blue. The packaging of the original controller is normal but the packaging of a fake controller is made fancy. As confirmed in the image below.

fake vs original ps4 controller

Controller Weight

A good controller is very light in weight. Since the controller has to be used to play games for a long time, it has been made lighter so that we can use the controller for a longer time. The original controller weight 7.7 ounces, but if you also have a Fake controller, it weighs 7.1 ounces. There isn’t much difference in weight between the two but the weight will tell you which controller is the real one.