Can I use XIM APEX with a PS5 controller?

Does XIM4 Work on a PS5?

When using a PS5, just the DS4 controller has to be attached to the XIM 4. Additionally, you may connect the PS5 and XIM 4 directly.

How to use Xim Apex on PS5 games?

A third-party PlayStation 4 controller must be coupled with a PS5 game, much like how we use a DS3 or DS4 controller with a PS4 or PS3 to play our Xim Apex. When playing games on the PS5, DS5, DS4, or DS3 controllers, they are not yet supported.

Update your Xim Apex with BETA firmware

Here, I’ll guide you through setting up XIM APEX with PS5 from beginning to end. A Xim Apex update is required first, and you may get one from their official website. Select the Xim apex downloads to link under “Support” on the Xim website’s downloads tab.

  • Install the firmware utility on your PC after downloading it.
  • holding the Xim Apex’s button
  • connecting it to a computer
  • When the Xim Apex light becomes blue, release the button.

Connect your Hardware

  • Connect your hardware to your Xim Apex.
  • Three ports on the Xim hub are numbered 1 through 3.
  • Connect your controller to port three and your keyboard to port two.
  • Before connecting to Xim Apex, the controller is turned off.
  • Next, plug the Xim hub into the Xim Apex
  • Plug the Xim Apex into your console
Can I use XIM APEX with a PS5 controller?

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