How Long Does Walmart Take to Ship PS5?

If you have come to know how long Walmart takes to ship ps5 then you have come to the right place we will tell you the answer to this question in detail in this article.


Walmart is an online shopping platform where you can buy and save all kinds of products. You will find many items on this platform at a lower price than on Amazon.

How Long Does Walmart Take to Ship PS5?

PS5 at Walmart

As you already know that PS5 which you will find very less available in the market. If you find a PS5 available for purchase on any online platform, you will find that it will sell out of stock within hours. If you want to buy a PS5 through Walmart, you’ll need to know how long it will take to get it to you.


Call of Duty Modern Warfare II

C.O.D.E. Edition – PlayStation 5 + Exclusive

What’s the Walmart PlayStation 5 Shipping Time?

Walmart itself does not tell about shipping time, it is the time given by the seller how long he can deliver the things. But Walmart will usually give you a shopping time of two days but for some products, it can go up to two weeks depending on your location.

What’s the Walmart PlayStation 5 Shipping Time?

Walmart Express Delivery

If you shop through Walmart and want to receive your items quickly, you should ship for Express Delivery. With this service you will get the fastest delivery if your location is nearby then you will be delivered within two hours for which you will have to pay a fee.

  • You have to pay up to ten dollars to make an order delivery.
  • Standard shipping rates of $7.95 to $9.95

If you do express delivery from another website then you have to pay more but if you do it through Walmart then you don’t have to pay up to ten dollars.

Walmart Express Delivery

3-5 Day Shipping at Walmart

There is a $5.99 delivery fee if you order up to $35 from Walmart and Walmart offers three to five-day shipping.

Why enable Walmart 2-day delivery

What do Walmart Reps say?

When you order something from Walmart, you are told that you will receive the order within two to three days, but in reality, it takes five to six days. As you are thinking of buying PS5 it is not available in stock but hopefully, you will get it in the coming days.

What do Walmart Reps say?

Next-day shipping at Walmart

Walmart offers NextDay shipping to select locations for eligible items. Their products will have a label that reads “next day eligible” on the item page. This shipment method is Monday through Saturday and available for delivery Tuesday through Sunday.

Next-day shipping is free on eligible orders of $35 or more. The shipping fee for next-day delivery is $5.99 for eligible orders under $35. No membership is required for the Next Day shipping.

Standard shipping at Walmart

Walmart offers free standard shipping on items that don’t qualify for the free two-day shipping program. Usually, these orders are shipped in 3-5 days. These orders may require $35 or more to avoid fees.

Standard shipping at Walmart

Does Walmart cancel PS5 orders?

Walmart may CANCEL your PS5 order, avoid buying from this retailer! 🚨

How long does it take for an order to be processed?

If you have placed an order, it may take some time to process. Your order may be processed at the same time you place it, or it may be a little later.

Flight Club

Flight Club processes orders within 1-2 business days.

Why can’t I track my Walmart order?

Because Walmart order tracking is not working.

Does Walmart really ship in 2 days?

Our two-day delivery option allows you to shop at everyday low prices and receive your items faster. If your order of eligible items is over $35, shipping is free!

Why is Walmart taking so long to ship?

Orders may be delayed for various reasons. For example, items may be out of stock when you place an order. We are doing our best to keep up with the increasing demand for the items. We send order update emails in real time as inventory permits.

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