How Long Does Walmart Take to Ship PS5?

You’ve come to the correct site if you’re looking to learn how long it takes Walmart to ship a PS5. In this essay, we will provide a detailed explanation of the response to this query.


Walmart is an online store where you can purchase and save on a variety of goods. This marketplace offers various products at lesser prices than Amazon does.

As you are already aware, there won’t be many PS5s on the market. If you find a PS5 for sale in any online store, you will discover that it will run out of stock in a matter of hours. You must be aware of the estimated delivery time if you want to purchase a PS5 from Walmart.

What’s the Walmart PlayStation 5 Shipping Time?

Walmart does not provide shipping information; rather, the seller specifies the time frame in which he may deliver the goods.

What’s the Walmart PlayStation 5 Shipping Time?

Walmart Express Delivery

You should opt for express delivery if you buy at Walmart and want your products promptly. If your location is close by, you will receive this service’s quickest delivery and pay a price in exchange for receiving it within two hours.

  • You have to pay up to ten dollars to make an order delivery.
  • Standard shipping rates of $7.95 to $9.95

Express delivery costs more if you use a different website, but if you use Walmart, you won’t have to spend more than ten dollars.

3-5 Day Shipping at Walmart

There is a $5.99 delivery fee if you order up to $35 from Walmart and Walmart offers three to five-day shipping.

What do Walmart Reps say?

When you place an order with Walmart, you are informed that it would arrive in two to three days, but in practice, it takes five to six. Although the PS5 is not currently in stock when you consider purchasing it, you should have access to it soon.

Standard shipping at Walmart

For purchases that don’t qualify for free two-day shipping, Walmart offers free standard shipping. These orders are typically sent within 3-5 days. To avoid costs, some orders might need to be $35 or more.

Next-day shipping at Walmart

For qualifying purchases, Walmart offers NextDay delivery to a few regions. On the item page of their items, there will be a label that says “next day eligible.” This shipping method is available for Monday through Saturday shipments and Tuesday through Sunday deliveries.

On qualified orders of $35 or more, next-day delivery is free. For purchases eligible for next-day delivery and under $35, the shipping cost is $5.99. The Next-Day delivery service does not require membership.

Is There a Limit on PS5 Walmart?

The Walmart PS5 replenishment just recently became accessible online. Since this stocker won’t be around for long, you could be reading this when they run out of supplies.