How to Activate PS5 as a Primary?

If you use PS5, sometimes you will need to use Primary PS5. If you want to activate it, we have given you the method below, step by step. If you don’t understand this approach, there is a video that you may view that demonstrates the entire process for activating it the right way.

If you want to activate the PS5 as the primary for offline play and console sharing, here’s how you do it:
Turn on your PS5.

  • Go to Settings from the main menu.
  • Go to Users and Accounts.
  • Go to Others and click on ‘Console Sharing and Offline Play.
  • Once the prompt appears, click ‘Activate’.
How to Activate PS5 as a Primary

When you press up on it, from here again, if you see the option to enable, press on your PS5 account to set it as primary. What you see here for me are not disabled options.

How do I activate my PS5 as my primary console?