How to Browse the Internet on PS5?

If you’re looking for information on how to use a PS5 to surf the internet, you’ve come to the perfect place since we have it all here. In contrast to the PS4, which allowed for full web browser use, the PS5 has limited capabilities. We’ll go through how to use the PS5 browser in this section.

Does the PS5 have a Web browser?

I’ll let you know that PS5 has a built-in browser. While it might seem straightforward to use this browser, PS5 really hides the web. I can’t look it up. In PS5, you will have access to browse, but you won’t be able to open any URLs in explore to access any websites.

There will be no addition of this functionality to the bookmarks or favorite browser features. I want to be clear: Some of you may have known the PS5 featured basic browsing, but many of you were unaware of it.

Open Web Browser Using Chat

For this, you require a buddy. On your PS5, you must go to chat to communicate with your friends. You must first decide to who you want to provide access in order for them to view your URL. For instance, you may give a friend the URL to a webpage you wish to open so he can do it on his own. In the same way, you can browse many websites that the PS5 did not allow you to. With the aid of this method, a lot more PS5 apps may be opened.

Use Twitter to access the PS5 web browser.

We will also tell you about the second option, which requires using Twitter to access the browser if you tried the first approach and found it difficult. At first, you might find this process to be a little difficult.

Establish a Twitter account.

You must first have a Twitter account. Create a Twitter account using your phone or another device if you don’t already have one.

Connect to Twitter

To establish an account, you must go to the PS5 settings and click the user account option there.

  • visit the page that links to other services.
  • visit the link page for Twitter.
  • When a popup inquiring about your Twitter account appears, clicking the upper-right corner of the window will take you to our website rather than the Login here link.
  • Enter your Twitter login information to get to your home page on Twitter.

Look for the page to visit

Given that Twitter now provides access to other websites, in order to discover a website’s URL, you must go to that website’s Twitter account, where you will receive a new URL. For instance, clicking the link will take you to this page.