How to Get Dem Bones in Skate 3?

If you’ve come to this site looking for instructions on how to obtain dem bones in Skate 3, you’ve come to the correct spot. We’ll both provide you with the detailed process here and discuss it. You must take on the trials in the Hall of Meat, succeed in them, and obtain the dem bones and Meat Man in order to unlock Meat Man.

How do you Get Dem Bones in Skate 1?

Skate 1 has a mechanism to unlock dam bones in which you have to break a bone in your body at least three times.

How to Active Skate 3 Cheat codes

  • To activate these Skate 3 Cheat codes
  • Go To the Extras menu and navigate
  • Enter the Cheat Code option to type them in,
  • Receive a Notification Message if they’ve been input correctly

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