How to Insert Disc in PS5?

How to Insert Disc in PS5: If you want to know how to properly insert your PS5 disc, then you have come to the right place, we will give you the details. If you don’t insert your disco into the PS5 properly, this desk won’t work.

Disadvantages of Misplacing the Disk

If the disc is not properly inserted into the PS5, it will get stuck inside the PS5 and may damage various components of your PS5. The same way you used to insert a disc into your old PS4, this error can cause damage to the PS4. Because the PS5 isn’t designed the way you used to put it in the PS4.

If you touch and dirty the shiny side of the disk, you can damage it, so don’t touch the shiny surface of the disk, let’s hold it in the middle.

How to Insert Disc in PS5?

First, you have to place your console in a normal or horizontal position, then place the printed side of the disc facing away from the black side of the control.

If your console does not pull the disc back on its own, you should immediately remove it and not press the button because there may already be discs in it or there may be some other reason.

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