How to Pair PS Move Controller to PS5?

Here, we’ll outline the entire process for you in the simplest step-by-step format possible.

There are two ways to attach it to the PS Move motion controller. The first option is to either leave the cable with you or leave it behind if you don’t have one.

Connect PS Move Controller to PS5 without Cable

I’ll start by demonstrating how to connect the PS Move controller wirelessly to the PS5 system. You must utilize Bluetooth for this approach, so use the instructions below to get started.

Connect PS Move Controller to PS5 without Cable
  1. You must access the PS5’s settings and then click on Accessories.

2. Following that, you will see a variety of options; you must first click on General before selecting Bluetooth Accessories.

Connect PS Move Controller to PS5 without Cable

3. It will then give you control by scanning all the devices that have open Bluetooth accessories near you.

Connect PS Move Controller to PS5 without Cable

4. You will now need to switch your PS Mission Controller to pairing mode so that it can be detected as well.

Connect PS Move Controller to PS5 without Cable

5. Now, press and hold the stream button on the side of the PlayStation Move controller until it goes into sync mode.

6. After that, your controller will be shown in the PS console and you have to connect from there.

Pair PS Move Controller with Cable

We will now use a cable to attach the PS Motion controller to the PS5. To finish this procedure, you must follow a few steps.

  • You must first access the PS5 Console settings.
Pair PS Move Controller with Cable
  • You must then access the Accessories.
  • The first choice after selecting General is Bluetooth Accessories.
  • The PS Motion Controller must then be connected to the console via a USB cable; if your USB cable is an older model, you will need a Mini USB.
Pair PS Move Controller with Cable
  • The red light on the PS Motion Controller will begin blinking when it is attached to the PS5 console; this indicates that it is connected and will make an appearance in the list of registered accessories.
Pair PS Move Controller with Cable
  • Tap the PS button on the Move motion controller
  • ‘Connected’ will appear under the registered accessories on your console.

Why won’t my PS Move connect?

If your PlayStation Move controllers on PS5 have been disconnected, the first thing you have to do is reset it by clicking the reset button located on the back of the controller for a few seconds, then plug it back into the USP of your PlayStation Move controller. Now press the PS button and it will be paired.

Can You use PlayStation Move controllers on PS5?

Both wired and wireless PlayStation Move controllers are compatible with the PS5, so the answer is yes. The two procedures stated above can be tested.