Is Onigiri Cross Platform PS4 and PC?

Is Onigiri Cross Platform PS4 and PC?

Cross-play between several platforms will be supported by Onigiri. Afterward, you’ll be able to play with your buddies on the Nintendo Switch and a Windows PC.

An MMO action RPG with a system for switching between weapons is called Onigiri. You can journey alone or with other players in a party with up to 8 NPC companions. With simple controls, you may plunge into the captivating world of onigiri. Yokan allows for weapon switching while in combat. Japan experienced anarchy centuries ago.

The terrifying Kemijoki emerged from the depths and tore a trail of devastation through everything. People and gods fought each other for a century. The goddess of the sun, Amaterasu Omikuji, erects three enormous seals that drive Kemijoki away and bring about peace once more. One of the big seals has since broken due to the passage of time. Once more, an evil power manifests.

Is Onigiri Cross Platform Ps4 and Xbox?

Since it only relies on the game in question, there is no conclusive response. While certain games may work on both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, others may not. Which platforms their game is compatible with is up to the creators to select.

Is the Onigiri game cross-platform?

Although the Steam editions support cross-platform and Nintendo Switch play, there is no cross-save functionality that allows you to pause your game on the Switch and resume it on the Steam client. You must register for an account on each platform if you wish to play on both. You’ll then be allowed to play.

Cyberstep created the action-packed online multiplayer role-playing game Massive Onigiri. It takes place in a fantastical environment evocative of ancient Japan where people and other life forms, including various youkai, may coexist.