Jazz Fan Pulse Winner Name and Answer?

Today I’m going to tell you how you can win a prize by answering Jazz FanPulse if you’ve answered it or want to answer it. This Jazz FanPulse was opened only during the Pakistan Super League match. You can earn rewards by answering their incoming questions.

Pakistan Super League which started from 14th February will end around 19th March 2023 during which you can win prizes daily by answering all the questions. Also whoever answers correctly each day will be rewarded with a bumper at the end.

These Jazz FanPulse questions can also be viewed on the Tamasha app, the official Jazz website and during matches. Then you have to answer this question quickly. When the winners are called, you will be notified via an SMS that you are eligible for a Jazz FanPulse prize.

Now the question in your mind will be how you can participate in this competition. For this I will guide you and tell you how you can do it. You must have the pass number to participate as the prize will be awarded to you by Jazz.

How To Participate Jazz FanPulse?

Participating in Jazz FanPulse is very easy. For this you must have a jazz sim. You can then participate by answering the question through the official Jazz website, Tamasha app or 5858.

After participating, Jazz can be eligible to win a prize by answering a FanPulse question. To answer the question you need to know what your question is. For this you should search the question during PSL match itself. You will find this question on the Tamasha app, official website and on the big screen during the match by answering which you can participate in this competition.

In every Jazz Fan Plus match, a question is asked twice and you can answer it for a chance to win a prize. This question appears between 5 overs and 17 overs during the match. The first 125 people to answer this question will be awarded a prize. But if you answered the question correctly too late, it is of no use. Because in this competition only those who come first will be rewarded. First responder will be awarded a bumper prize. Visit Jazz Official website: https://fanpulse.jazz.com.pk/