How to Use Skate 3 Cheats Code and Full Cheats List

The skate video game craze was quite high but the 2000s have seen a lot of craze for this game. The game has been in the works for a long time now with the latest game being Skate 4 which will finally be announced but not yet fully released.

Skate 3 is one of the great skateboarding simulators but it has now been replaced by Skate 4. In addition to more challenging tricks, this skate 3 also features humorous ragdolls that are considered a way to provide a lot of fun.

Like other older games, Skate 3 also has cheat codes. Help Joe transform into all eyes from undressing to zombie mode.

I am going to tell you about the same codes that are cheat codes for Skate 3. Apart from this, you will also be guided on how to use them with a complete list of them.

Can You Play Skate 3 on PS5 or PS4?

How to use Skate 3 Cheats Code

Using cheats code in Skate 3 is very easy it just demands your 2 clicks. To apply these cheats code first you have to go to extra menu. After that Enter Cheat Code. After that you will be logged into Code Skate 3. It was very easy to install and you don’t need much time at all.

Cheat Codes list Skate 3

Below we have informed you about all Skate 3 cheat codes. Which you can use but if you need more information about it then you can contact us.

  • Deadspacetoo: Activate Isaac in Dead Space
  • Dontbesomayo: Use it to unlock Miracle Whip clothes and items.
  • Mcfly: With this you can turn your board into a back-today-future style board.
  • streetsweeper: With its help, things that are moving can be kept in place.
  • Miniskaters: This shrinks your sector.
  • Zombie: All pedestrians are transformed into zombies and the sky changes color.

Now you are able to mix and match these cheat codes as you like but beware if anyone tries this at home.

How do you activate cheats on Skate 3?

To activate cheat code in skate 3 click start button go to extra and enter cheat code select it then you can apply cheats code.

What are some skate 3 cheat codes?

  • Mcfly:
  • Zombie:
  • Dontbesomayo:
  • streetsweeper:
  • Deadspacetoo:
  • Miniskaters: