Arizona Cardinals Agent Guardol is hosting the Har Nands.

The Arizona Cardinals are hosting absolutely free agent Gardol Hernandez.

The NFL Free Agency has been slow for a week.

While people want to see some of the Arizona Cardinals.

The Cardinals have some ideas and options that they are still looking for.

His options include some experienced competition with young players on the staff for the right defensive position.

Among them is Will Hernandez, whom he is checking with us.

Hernandez is a four-year-old pro who was picked by the New York Giants in the second round.

His two-game season is very good, after which he stepped back from it and it is clear that he has some potential.

In his first three seasons, Hernandez allowed only eight sacks.

But seven were allowed last season.

That's the problem with Hernandez.

He's a big bully, but has been struggling with the Pass Rushers since his injury in 2020.

Hernandez also played for Sean Kegler when he was UTEP's head coach