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After a 5-10 defeat to Athletics, The Guardian could not come up with a game hero.

Zach Plesac made a good start for the Guardians.

Zach Plesac had six innings pitch, two strikeouts and three earned runs in this match.

TitlIn the fourth inning, Plesac got out of the two-out jam with a defensive game.e 3

The offense lasted until the fourth inning, by which time Amed Rosario had come to base with a line drive.

After coming to base, Jose Ramirez doubled the offense and then had a chance to score on the mistake of throwing Rosario.

Juice was not given a query and Rosario did not try to score a goal without making a mistake.

But then the Ramirez came to score and leveled the game 2-2

The Guardians will take a 3-2 lead in this match. When Owen Miller hit a fly of sacrifice in the same innings.