Ben Siemens discusses 'mental block' in Net meeting

According to Charania, the Celtics suffered the loss of the team at the end of the season.

Net's leadership had a meeting with Ben Siemens and his agent Rich Paul.

The meeting was to discuss the future of the All-Star Point Guard with the team.

In this athletic meeting, Siemens told the team that he was still suffering from a "mental block".

This has led to tension and possibly back injury.

This injury has kept him out for the post-season.

At Monday's meeting, Siemens said his goal was to return to court and play for the Nets.

In response, the team said it was ready to do whatever it took to support it.

Nate and Siemens targeted Game 4 for the comeback.

Since then, Siemens has not made itself available on Sunday, which allegedly "caused frustration throughout the organization." Is.

Siemens still has a three-year, 114 million contract.

Siemens acquired in February as part of a blockbuster trade that sent James Harden into the 76ers.

According to SI's Howard Beck, Siemens was not even on the bench during Game 4 due to back problems.