Ben Siemens will not play against Celtics in Game 4

The Nets have named Ben Siemens in Game 4 of Monday's game against the Celtics.

Siemens has been missing out on this whole regular season.

He is yet to be included in the playoffs due to a herniated disc in his back.

Athletic's Shams Charania had reported that Siemens was planning to start its season 4 game against Celtics.

But even before that it was reported that Siemens Games is targeting a comeback within 4-6.

After appearing in court on Saturday, Siemens was all set to make his debut in the scene.

According to Adrian Wojnarowski, he woke up on Sunday.

Siemens and the team have decided that they will be out of the game on Monday.

The Nets could be well out of the first round of the playoffs on Monday.

The Nets are down 3-0 against the Celtics.

Nets could not bring Siemens to the floor along with fellow star players Kevin Durant and Carrie Irving.