Brooklyn Response about his future on the net.

The Brooklyn Nets are in Florida on Saturday evenings to meet the Miami Heat.

 Carrie Irving spoke to the media before the match. Aurangzeb responded on the net about his future. He posted on Twitter.

It's always been about being comfortable in love where I am, and that's what I love here.

 Talks started after the summer started.

Where is Aurangzeb? There is no way I can leave my man anywhere.

Also, why are all the good friends and colleagues of the All-Star team referring to Durant?

In the Eastern Conference, De Mar DeRozan and Chakagowhals are one of the top teams.

DeRozan is a five-time All-Star in his first season in Chicago.

He has passed the Hall of Famer Michael Jordan in the franchise record list.

The Golden State Wires did not qualify for the playoffs in the first two seasons.

But this season, it looks like something is going to change.

The Golden State Warriors have been one of the best teams in the entire NBA.

Steph Curry's MVP-caliber year is passing. She made it to the NBA Finals five times before losing the playoffs in two seasons.