Can a Jailbroken PS4 Play Online

If you have come to this website to know Can a Jailbroken PS4 Play Online then you have come to the right place

On the internet you will be told many good ways how to play jailbreak ps4 online but here I will tell you a method that works.

No you can't use jailbroken ps4 online because after jailbreaking your ps4 warranty is over

That's why I advise you not to jailbreak your ps4, by doing this you will brick your ps4 and you won't be able to play online games. 

But if your software is old then you can go online with your PS4 but doing so may void your warranty.

When you try to play Jailbreak PS4 online, Sony will catch you through PSN and you will be banned.

Before you jailbreak your ps4 you should think that your ps4 will be useless after that you can play unofficial games on it.

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