Christine Ronaldo got £ 850,000 in round bonus

Christine Ronaldo has acquired on a round bonus during Manchester United UN 3-2 win on Saturday.

This match was the 20th year of the United Nations season.

After reaching this milestone, the sun activates the bonus of £ 750,000.

Some newspapers also claim that Ronaldo's contract includes a clause.

According to this clause, Ronaldo receives extra £ 100,000 for every additional purpose.

Ronaldo expects another round bonus.

According to this, the United Nations is a prize of about £ 1m to eliminate the weather as the highest scorer.

Brno Fernandis is the second number in the United Nations-leading Marxin.

Ronaldo 12 goals left behind just six games.

This last month reported that Ronaldo was on the highest salary in Premierilang.