Cody Rhodes leaves AEW with WWE return likely

Cody Rhodes, one of the founding wrestlers and a titular executive vice president of All Elite Wrestling, is leaving the promotion.

All signs are pointing to a return to WWE.

His wife, Brandi, is also leaving AEW.

Rhodes added his own statement: “I have loved my time at AEW. Amazing locker room. Amazing Fans. Amazing people.

The ‘revolution’ was indeed televised, and I’ve been lucky to be a part of that.”

Rhodes thanked Khan and a number of wrestlers in the locker room.

Rhodes, 36, is the son of legendary late professional wrestler Dusty Rhodes. He performed in WWE from 2006-16

Rhodes and the Young Bucks were the first wrestlers publicly aligned with AEW, 

they had dual roles as wrestlers with titles of executive vice president in the company. 

ks were the first wrestlers publicly aligned with AEW,

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