Complete information of FIFA World Cup 2022

The FIFA World Cup will be played in Qazar later this year. For this, the best teams in the world are aiming for their place in the showpiece event.

With the 2020 European Championships one year behind, the football calendar is deeper than ever.

Fans did not have to wait long to see this big tournament.

The 2022 tournament will be held in Qatar and later this year.

The tournament has been rescheduled for the summer.

World Cup 2022: Dates. Many teams have already qualified for the World Cup.

World Cup 2022: The draw for the group stage of the World Cup will take place again in April 2022.

World Cup 2022: Dates The first match of this World Cup will be played between Qatar and Holders on Monday, November 21 at Al-Bayt Stadium.

World Cup 2022: The group stage of this World Cup will run until Friday, December 2. The first knockout games started the next day, Saturday, December 3.

World Cup 2022: Dates The final will take place on December 18 at the 80,000-seat Lucille Iconic Stadium.

How the tournament works 32 countries will participate in the World Cup, including holder Qatar, which will make its debut in the showpiece tournament.

How the tournament works Unlike Euro 2020, only the top two teams out of eight will see progress in the group stage.

The group winners and runners-up advanced to the round of 16. The tournament will then enter the knockout stage before becoming champions.

The third-place play-off match will be played on December 17 at the Khalifa International Stadium in Al Rayyan.

World Cup 2022: Venues The World Cup will be held in Qatar. Most of the matches will be in their capital Doha.

 Weather and kick-off times The Gulf state of Qatar has been a hot topic since the World Cup.

World Cup 2022: The average temperature in November in Qatar is between 22C and 30C. December temperatures range between 17C and 25C.

World Cup 2022: During the summer months between May and August, the average temperature is around 37C.

Time in Qatar is three hours ahead of GMT.

The final match will be played at 6 pm local time. And it will be 3 pm for the UK audience.

All games will start at 3pm or 7pm UK time. But this will be fully confirmed later.

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