Draymond Green drops truth bomb on big change he’s seen in Steve Kerr

Steve Kerr has come a long way with the Golden State Warriors

Steve Kerr is on the verge of becoming the NBA champion coach in the first season and now on the verge of his fourth title in eight years.

Through all this, some real progress has been made for him.

Dreammond Green has confirmed. The defender talked about the big change he has seen in his coach.

He has been a first-hand witness to the evolution of his coach

“I think the number one change I’ve seen in Steve is his trust in his coaching staff,” Green said, via NBA on Twitter.

Green said: “I think that’s continued to grow. Not that he didn’t always trust his coaching staff because he has. More Read next Page

There’s always been an open-door policy since the day he’s walked in here, but on a day-to-day basis, you can just kinda see how he’s delegated…

One of my favorite things that Steve brings to the table is he is a guy that knows what he doesn’t know.”