Ezequiel Duran's 3 RBI Triple Fuels Rangers' Comeback

Ezequiel Duran scored three runs in the ninth innings for two out triple Rangers

Detroit starter Beowulf won 3-1 on a brilliant start.

The Rangers struggled all night to take part in the plate

By the end of the game, the Rangers had only four hits.

Duran was called up by Rangers just a few weeks ago to break the game against the Tigers (24-39).

Duran Soto was tied on a 0-1 pitch as he hit the opposing field below

The Rangers loaded the bases as Soto struggled with his control, walking Corey Seger, hitting Cole Calhoun off the pitch, and Nathaniel Lowe walking.

“Yes (I felt confident). I was thinking that was a good situation for me,” Duran said through an interpreter.