Football Manager Game 2022 is available for free

The best football Management game is free on PC and Xbox and will last all weekend.

Improved football management game released for PC and Xbox.

Sports Interactive has announced that Football Manager 2022 will be free until the end of this week.

You can download this Football Manager game for free.

The game is absolutely free until 6pm on Monday, April 11.

You can enjoy it by downloading the football manager game.

From April 11 to April 21, the game became available to you at a 33% discount.

It is usually priced at £ 39.99 but until April 21 it can be purchased for £ 26.79.

You can download this game through Steam or Epic Games Store.

You can download the game for the PC version from the Xbox Store.

It's only available to Xbox Live Gold subscribers. It is no longer available.