Gary Payton's MRI results showed ligament damage

According to a report, an MRI on Warrior Guard Gary Patton II revealed that he had broken his left elbow as well as damage.

Payton expects a three-week reduction.

If Golden State reaches that point, it still has a chance to play in the NBA Finals.

Payton suffered an injury Tuesday night.

That's when Grizzlies forward Dylan Brooks hit him hard in the transition. Because of this, Payton landed on his elbow.

Brooks was given a brilliant foul and was ruled out.

With the NBA Finals on June 2, Payton will have a week's notice of the error to play the final based on this assessment.

Without Payton, the Golden State could choose to launch the Jordan Pool.

He is the only Warriors player to hit double digits on Tuesday.

The Warriors are currently on par with the Grizzlies as the series moves to California.

Golden State won the game thanks to a three-point shot from Clay Thompson.

Memphis, on the other hand, have won Game 2, 47 points behind the Republicans.