Google's engineer thinks AI has become sensitive

According to a Washington report, a Google engineer has told a story that believes that LaMDA, a natural language chatbot that has now become emotional.

It is now clear that the AI ​​may gain complete control over the weapons and take over the Internet, after which it may kill or enslave all important people.

According to some reports, Google engineer Blake Lemoin has put his team and company on leave after sounding the alarm.

A Google spokesman said in a statement: "Our team, including ethics and technology experts, has observed AI.

The experts did not support the allegations, saying there was no evidence to support the allegations.

LAMD was sensitive about it.

"We have machines that can make words without thinking," explains Emily M. Bender, a computational linguist at the University of Washington.

He also says that we have not yet learned how to stop the idea of ​​defeating him.

When Limoun felt that his concerns had been ignored, he made his concerns known to the public.

He was sent on leave for violating Google's privacy policy.

Lemoin tells LaMDA that a 7-year-old or 8-year-old child knows physics.