Grizzlies beat the Timberwolves in the fourth quarter run fuel

The Grizzlies beat the Timberwolves early in the second quarter of Game 3.

All speed within the target center is from Minnesota.

Similarly in the third quarter, Timberwolves looked like they would go 2-1 up in the series.

The reason was that they had a lead of 20 points.

In the third and early quarters, the Grizzlies scored 21-0 and tied the game at 83.

Memphis kept pace and won the fourth quarter, beating Minnesota by 25 points.

There was a difference of 25 points in the final quarter.

The NBA tied the biggest quarter-point difference in post-season history with a road team.

Memphis beat Minnesota 42-12 in the last 13 minutes of the game.

Desmond Bean finished the game with a team-high 26 points and six rebounds.

Chris Haynes kept telling his teammates to keep fighting until the team scored a massive run.