How much does a Europa League winner earn?

Europa League finalists will receive $ 5.2 million to advance to the championship match alone.

The winning team in this tournament was given double the amount.

 An additional 4.53 million has been awarded to the team that qualifies for the European Champions UEFA Super Cup.

The winning team of Europa League was given $ 9.73 million.

In addition, 5.2$ million was awarded to RunRap in the U-League.

This is how the full prize money of the Europa League is distributed.

The team that only reached the group stage was entitled to $ 4.11 million.

This suggests that the more one goes ahead in the tournament, the more prizes one is entitled to.

The semi-finalists of this league were given $ 3.17 million.

The quarter-finalist received $ 2.03 million in this Europa League.

The winning team received $ 1.24 million.

Those who reached the knockout round playoffs received $ 566,000.

The team runner-up received $ 623,152.

The Roop Stage winners will be waiting for $713,793.

The prize money for the Group Stage Draw is set at $ 237,950.