How To Clean Dishwasher With Citric Acid

Citric acid is actually found in citrus fruits. But now it is also being developed in industries. Citric acid is used to flavor many dishes in the kitchen.

The first step in cleaning the dishwasher is to take the printed utensils, glassware, and metal objects from your dishwasher.

Unprinted and non-metallic items can be safely left in the dishwasher, but try to empty the dishwasher to clean the dishwasher

Pour 3 to 4 ounces of liquid or crystal citric acid into the dishwasher detergent cup as you see fit.

Turn off the dishwasher and start the washing cycle.

When the first washing cycle is over, then start the dishwasher re-washing cycle by pouring ordinary dishwasher detergent into the dishwasher so that all the citric acid accumulated in the dishwasher is removed.

Inspect the dishwasher after this process. If there is any stain or odor in it again or you do not want to, then re-inspect the dishwasher after repeating this process.

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