The Cavs are hopeful that Jarrett Allen will return before the end of the regular season

Gert Allen is injured but still hopes to return before the final of the regular season by April 10

Allen still has a protective wrap and splint on his left arm

The injury occurred when Allen hit his finger on the edge while trying to counter a shot on March 6

The Cavs and Allen are optimistic about playing a regular season against Milwaukee on April 10

Allen will not miss his 14th consecutive game in New York on Saturday

The Cavaliers struggled after Allen was injured

The Cavaliers have won five of the last 13 games and are 1-5 in the last six games

With Allen in the line-up, the Cavaliers will be enjoying their first winning season since the 2017-18 campaign

The Cavs still have a 42-35 record

This record is good enough for seventh place in the Eastern Conference

But it looks like Cleveland will need to take part in a play-off tournament to make it to the playoffs

Allen was able to give his team an effective game due to his injury

 Alan's return will be a great relief

In 56 games this season, Allen has averaged 16.1 points, 10.8 rebounds, 1.6 assists and 1.3 blocks per game

The fact is that the Cavaliers have continued their struggle without it

For now, the Cavaliers have continued to move forward without it

With a road match-up against the New York Knicks on Saturday afternoon according to their schedule