Joel Embed says that James was not like Rocket

Before James Harden joined the 76ers, Joel Embiid had a desire to compete for the NBA Championship in the city.

Harden's inclusion in the squad felt like a game-winning piece of championship caliber.

Horden did his best to bring the Rockets closer to the championship several times.

After Miami ended Philadelphia with a Game 6 victory on Thursday, Embed told reporters that fans may have to adjust to the way Harden looks at the 76ers' offense.

"Obviously, since we've had it, everyone has been expecting Houston's James Harden, but now he's not," Embedden said.

"He's more of a playmaker," Embed said.

As far as embedding is concerned, during his time with the Rockets, Harden averaged the most points per game of his career in the regular season and playoffs.

Harden has scored the lowest shooting percentage of his career and only 21 points per contest.

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