The sequel to the Joker 2 movie has been officially announced.

Its director is Todd Phillips, who said the sequel would be titled Joker: Foley a Dukes.

Phillips directed and co-wrote the first Joker film starring the Joker Phoenix.

This time around, co-author Scott Silver is working on the sequel.

Philips shared a red script cover on his Instagram page.

It defines Folie à Deux as a psychiatric disorder.

The Joker is known for his psychologically dependent relationships with characters such as Bateman and Harley Quinn.

This title of the Joker movie is very well known.

The Joker's first movie was released in 2019 as a standalone movie.

The first Joker movie was set outside the main Batman movie timeline.

If the original story of this movie is seen, then it follows Arthur Flack.

There were no plans to write a sequel, but Warner Bros. signed Phillips to write a sequel.

Philip says he won't be back for the sequel until he finds "some thematic buzz" like in the first movie.

Earlier, Phoenix K said he did not know about the sequel to Jogger.

But he says more stories can be found for the character.