Skeleton was added the Olympic program in the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics

Unlike luge, competitors are sliding on the ice in a prone position, often with speeds that exceed 75 miles per hour

Soon after she crossed the finish line in her fourth-and-final run (51.14), the former McGregor Bulldog was all smiles as she was slowing down towards the end of the track

The 37-year-old even held onto the lead for the briefest of moments

However, her cumulative time was eclipsed by racers much faster and younger

Hannah Neise of Germany won gold . Australia’s Jacalyn Narracott took silver  and Kimberly Bos of the Netherlands earned bronze . Katie, who also competed in the previous four Olympics was sixth

Even more impressive than her trip to the World’s Biggest Stage is the twelve surgeries she’s had in her 19-year career

The closest she came to an Olympic medal was in the Sochi, Russia Olympics of 2014

On NBC’s interviews that briefly followed, Uhlaender was visibly upset after she fell short in a heartbreaking race

One of the highest points came in the 2012 ISBF World Championships in Lake Placid, N.Y., where she earned two world titles- both individually, and in the mixed team event