VIRAL: Kevin Durant's 2 Tweets About Kobe Bryant

Kevin Durant responded to Lakers legend Kobe Bryant's tweet with two tweets.

Kevin Durant has been very active on Twitter with his fans on Sunday

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Twitter user @damanr:  "Individual excellence. At every facet of the game - and the height you’ve achieved is perhaps the highest anybody ever has. More

Kobe is my favorite player ever - the diff between him in 05-06 vs 08-09 as an example is he imprinted his personality on every single player"

Kevin Durant's reply to the tweet is told to you on the next page

Durant's response: "Ima be real, bean would tell u the difference between him in 06 and him 09 was the addition of pau Gasol and having a chance to really chase a chip."

Durant's response: "Lol Kobe was already a championship player man cut it out"

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