Kyrie Irving emphasized loyalty to his teammates

Kyrie Irving maintained his faith in the net team despite Monday's loss to the Celtics.

The Star Point Guard told reporters that he plans to stay with Brooklyn long after the team's season-ending defeat at the Barclays Center.

Irving, 30, has one year left on his contract

They are eligible for a five-year extension this summer.

"It's encouraging for our franchise to stay at the top of the league for the next few years," said Crowe Irving after Game 4.

"I'm just looking forward to summer and just building here with my boys," said Crowe Irving.

Why did the All-Star take a moment to resolve its partnership with Durant seven times?

It signed a lucrative four-year extension in August.

Irving reiterated his desire to continue playing with his Superstar teammate and continue their joint struggle to win together in New York.

Interestingly, he also talked about the team's desire to build a solid foundation "from day one" as a unit.

Kyrie Irving refused to be vaccinated under the New York City Vaccine Mandate. Irving played only 29 games during the regular season, exclusively.

Kyrie Irving played his first match of the season on January 5.