LeBron James shares high praise for Jordan Poole

Golden State Warriors Garden Pool is in the midst of a breakout campaign.

Pool made significant progress during the regular season, citing player signs of the playoffs last year.

One of the star caliber players so far in the playoffs due to development.

The Upland Guard is so impressive that Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James has taken notice.

In last year's play-off game, LeBron had a front row seat in front of Jordan Pool's offensive ability.

Poole scored 10 points from the first bench to add another 19 to the final play-in game against the Memphis Grizzlies.

Pool efforts were not enough in this tournament. Because the Golden State was finally destroyed.

The young guard got some important representations in the playoff environment which helped him to take his game to where it is now.

So far in the playoffs, the pool is taking an average of 22.7 ppg at 56.1% from the field and 48.8% from the depth.

Poolefield has been a certified fellow star alongside the Splash Brothers. Now stepping up.

But the teams' defensive focus is on Steph Curry and Klay Thompson.