Lou Williams spoke of retirement speculation

With the sharp start of the 2021 trade date, it is clear that retirement is on the horizon for Lou Williams.

Earlier, the NBA bench scorers had earlier vowed to end their careers with the Clippers.

At the time, he insisted that if the team sent him to another location, he would likely retire.

After a deal with Atlanta, Lou has now admitted that he is considering retiring.

Lou had a chance to end his career in his hometown, which he is now forced to consider.

Lou played well for the Hawks when Te Young was absent.

But Lou decided to sign in Atlanta for another year.

But Lou decided to sign in Atlanta for another year.

During the 2021-22 campaign, Lou's veteran guard admitted that he was calm about the possibility of retirement.

"I'm accepting it. I talk about it very freely, because I don't know when I'm going to retire," Lou said.

Lou also says that a place where I am ready to give my energy to something else.

Loewe is the first player in the history of the Bay of Biscay to have 1000 appearances off the bench.

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