Manchester City v Liverpool line-up in the Premier League

Manchester City welcomed Jurgen Klopp's Liverpool to the top-of-the-table clash in the Premier League on Sunday afternoon at Etihad Stadium.

One point separates the two football teams in Manchester City and Liverpool, England.

The two sides once again face off for the Premier League title.

Manchester City currently have a slight lead over the English top flight.

Ahead of the kick-off at Etihad Stadium, the managers have confirmed that they will face their starting XI in a crucial Premier League clash this afternoon.

Anderson in Manchester City's early XI; Walker, Stone, Laport, Cancello; De Bruyne, Rodrigo, Silva; Jesus, Foden, Sterling.

Other Manchester City substitutes include Stephen, Ake, Zanchenko, Lavia, Fernandinho, Gundogan, Makati, Mehriz and Greilish.

Liverpool beat Alexander-Arnold, Matteo, Van Dyk, Robertson in the starting XI. Henderson, Fabianho, Thiago; Salah, Jota, Mane are included.

The replacements include Callihar, Connett, Keta, Milner, Firmino, Gomez, Jones, Smykas and Diaz.

A pre-match press conference was also held on Friday in which Pep Guardiola confirmed that both Robin Dias and Cole Palmer are out of the game due to their injuries.