Marvel Episode 1 Post Credits Scene Released

In Ms. Marvel's post-credit scene, Kamala Khan takes her time to transform into a superhero.

Marvel's use of its superpowers is destructive enough to attract its unexpected attention.

The moment that Kamala's scene was stolen in her first episode has brought her on the radar of an elk.

The post credit scene of this episode is amazing.

The scenario is that it starts with a damage control called Ceddiever who is watching AvengerCon instant video.

Meanwhile, she shows her fellow agent P. Cleary Lowe's video.

Then Joe Dewar says, "Bring her in."

This scene indicates Dewar's first appearance in the MCU.

Meanwhile, Marvel viewers have already spent some time with Moayed's P. Cleary.

Throughout this scene, Claire shows a complete lack of empathy for Peter's situation.

It proves itself to be an amazingly clever and ruthless agent.

Very interesting this season