Masters Day 1 Tiger Woods is back

Of the 6,576 shots fired on Master's first day, only one was significant.

The shots did not go into the hole, but not below the center.

It was outside the Tiger Woods Club.

His early shot was played at 11:04 a.m. Thursday.

After the first days of the epidemic of 2019, the full alignment of the most patrons in this tournament was collected in August.

The scorecard states that Woods hit a 1-under 71 on Thursday.

His career average is 70.9 out of 91 rounds of the tournament in August.

This average is not easy for anyone. Not for a champion.

Woods was involved in a car accident a year ago in which rods and screws were used to reattach his right leg and right leg.

But then, on Thursday, Woods rang the bell to his surprise.

Woods competed for the spot again.

Woods' friend Johnson said: "Now, this is a situation where you're talking about an individual, I mean, are we really that surprised? He's the best player I've ever been with. Has played, and I say in all respects. He is the best opponent I have ever seen. "

Sangjay Um is number one in the first round, having scored 5 under 67 goals.

Cameron Smith was second.

Dustin Johnson won the Masters in 2020. But this year, IM and Smith came in second.

On Thursday, all three were back on the front page of the Leadership Board.