Mavericks released a statement on the Chris Paul family incident.

Mavericks said in a statement that Chris Paul's family was involved during Game 4 at the American Airlines Center in Dallas on Sunday.

The team has announced that an incident has taken place between fans and Paul's family.

According to Reyes, the fan was "quickly" removed from the game.

The Dallas Mavericks know what happened between a fan and Chris Paul's family.

This incident was unbearable and will not be tolerated.

Mavericks teamed up with American Airlines Center to quickly remove fans from today's game.

The news of this incident first came from Paul himself. Who tweeted after the defeat to Phoenix.

McMahon's report indicates that Pa's mother, who was in the crowd on Sunday, was attacked by Dallas fans.

Meanwhile, Paul's wife was also allegedly pushed.

According to McMahon, Paul's children reportedly saw the whole incident and the whole group felt very insecure.

No statement was issued by the NBA on Sunday.