TitlNancy Pelosi recited Bono's poem, which compares Ukrainian President Zelensky to St. Petersburg.

Bono has been a very Irish part of our lives. Before beginning the poem, the speaker of the House said, "Ireland's sorrow and pain (now Ukraine) and St. Patrick's name is now Zelensky."

It has been read in some parts of the poem. "Oh St. Patrick, he drove away the snakes / with his prayers, but that's not all / the snake symbol / an evil that arises / and hides in your heart / as soon as it breaks / and Evil has increased, my friends. "

President Joe Biden was on Capitol Hill.

Pelosi recited a poem by Bono. Oh St. Patrick, he drove away the snakes. With his prayers, but that's not all. Because it is a symbol of a snake.

An evil that arises. And hides in his heart. As it breaks.

Recommended And evil has increased, my friends From the darkness that dwells in men.

But in grief and fear Only then can the saints appear. To get rid of these old snakes again

And they fight for our freedom. From psycho in this human family The pain and suffering of Ireland

Now it is Ukraine. And St. Patrick's is now called Zelensky.