Net is "upset" by Ben Siemens' injury

Following the reports last week, Netstar Ben played in Game 4 on Monday against Siemens Celtics.

But Simmons was ruled out of the game after waking up with back pain on Sunday morning.

The team is facing "disappointment" due to Siemens' latest situation.

Brooklyn looks set to escape Boston's Monday night sweep of the season.

Brianwand Horst said in Monday morning's edition of GetUp that the main thing I checked was the disappointment.

Now the situation seems to be like waving a white flag in the morning.

Windhurst continued: "I know it could be Ben Siemens' appearance that I don't want to play.

Boston has a 3-0 lead in Monday night's series.

The winner of the first-round match between Net and Celtics will face Box or Hills in the semi-finals.