North Korea fires suspected ICBM for first time since 2017

North Korea has fired its first intercontinental ballistic missile in more than four years.

It comes as all Western leaders gather for a security summit in Brussels.

According to the Japanese Ministry of Defense, the suspected ICBM flew at an altitude of 6,000 kilometers (3,728 miles) and a flight time of 1,080 kilometers (671 miles) for 71 minutes.

Jamrat's launch is North Korea's 11th one this year.

The launch includes the March 16 launch. Which is thought to have failed.

The launch could be North Korea's longest-range ballistic missile ever.

The last launch before that in November 2017 is more than that.

Japan's Deputy Defense Minister Makoto Oniki told reporters about the missile that its height suggests it is "a new type of ICBM."

The missile indicates that North Korea is close to developing a weapon capable of hitting the United States.

Following the launch, the United States, along with allies South Korea and Japan, strongly condemned it.

US President Joe Biden is currently in Belgium.

Biden is attending the G7 summit with Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kashida.