Okta is a company used by thousands of organizations around the world

Hacking group Lapsus posted screenshots on their telegram channel

These screenshots claim to have entered Okta's internal systems

These screenshots were from Okta's Slack channels and another Cloudflare interface

Okta is investigating reports of a possible digital breach, the software company said early Tuesday

Hacking Okta can have a huge impact on companies, universities and government agencie

Writing in its Telegram channel, Lapsus$ claims to have had “Superuser/Admin” access to Okta’s systems for two months

Okta has over 15,000 subscribers worldwide

It lists the likes of Peloton, Sonos, T-Mobile, and the FCC as customers on its website

Octa spokesman Chris Holles denied the allegations

No evidence was found that Octa hacked

Okta detected the effort to compromise by the Third Party Customer Support Engineer's account working for one of our all processors

The matter was investigated by the sub-processor

Hollis said. "We believe the screenshots shared online are linked to  January event

Lapsus$ is a hacking group that’s claimed responsibility for a number of high-profile incidents affecting Nvidia, Samsung, Microsoft, and Ubisoft

Okta spokesman Chris Holles said in a statement that "Okta is aware of the reports and is currently investigating."